Audio adventure stories for children

Hubert and Elizabeth

A young girl and her dragon friend share adventures in a mystical land of wizards, witches and princes.
  • Chapter 1 - Poachers     download
    • Elizabeth stumbles across a dragon captured by poachers. But why isn't the dragon trying to escape?
  • Chapter 2 - Magical Mayhem     download
    • Elizabeth and Hubert meet a witch and wizard engaged in a long standing feud. Trouble arises for Hubert when the witch discovers something that could finally give her the advantage.
  • Chapter 3 - Prince Charming     download
    • Elizabeth and Hubert meet Prince Charming, who is every bit as kind and wonderful as his name might suggest. But why does his twin sister Ariana think something is terribly wrong?
  • Chapter 4 - Fire in Your Heart     download
    • When Elizabeth falls ill, Hubert will stop at nothing to sit at her bedside to help her recover.

Bluebeard the Pirate

A young baker dreams of becoming a pirate, but discovers that it may not be as easy as he imagined.
  • Chapter 1 - First Mate    download
    • Bluebeard finds his First Mate, an unusual parrot with a dangerous past
  • Chapter 2 - The Moir Deres Treasure    download
    • Bluebeard searches for the Moir Deres treasure. With deadly traps waiting before him, and Redbeard chasing behind, how much will Bluebeard risk to prove himself a true pirate?

Zack and the PanGalactic Space Racer

A young boy sneaks aboard a space racer and discovers a whole galaxy of adventure
  • Chapter 1 - Space Racer    download
    • Zack joins the Galactic version of the Indy 500
  • Chapter 2 - Lava Planet    download
    • Zack travels to Oddbad planet, a dangerous lava world, to rescue his friend Zingle, imprisoned there by the evil Zondifore.


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Zack and Zingle - The invasion of Earth

A strange alien race has decended on Earth in a fleet of alien battleships. What do they want? Why are they asking for the Prince of Earth?